Friday, June 18, 2010

Justice League Live Action Movie

Justice League MovieWe've been longing for a Justice League movie for quite a while. A first live action Justice League movie was announced in 2007, unfortunately the project aborted. But there is reason to hope again!

Warner Bros and DC Comics are planning indeed to develop a series of movies based on the superheroes of the DC universe, I mean beyond the well established Batman and Superman. Not only there's a Green Lantern movie being filmed, but there are plans for more superhero movies like Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Hawkman. Besides, Director Christopher Nolan who successfully rebooted the Batman franchise is teaming up with Scriptwriter David S. Goyer to develop a new Superman movie titled Man of Steel. All those DC superhero movies are like plotting the path to a Justice League movie (by doing so Warner Bros and DC Comics would actually emulate Marvel's strategy which is leading to the Avengers).

Nothing official yet but DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns hinted that the superhero team still has a chance to appear together on big screen. He said that more will be revealed during the next Sand Diego Comic Con in July 2010.

So let's pray for the Justice League movie to be greenlit!

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